Machine that don't require plumbing


I’m about to set up a small barista and want to know if there are machines I can use that do not require a main water supply (plumbed in) and can be used with water tanks.
Thanks in advance

What kind of volume are you expecting? Budget? There are heaps of machines that run off a tank. LM GS3 and LM Linea Mini come to mind.

Also, a rotary pump can easily suck from a container located under the table without positive line pressure. If you do this, make sure to use a foot valve. I ran a NS Appia from a bucket a few times and it was fine. Not sure about a mchine with line-pressure pre-infusion though…

Lots of talk about this on, just make a quick search. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Volume wise, we expect about 100 coffees a week so a 1 group machine will be fine. I have seen a set up in coffee shop where they had 2 tanks, water and waste, but didn’t notice a foot pump. What machine you recommend I look at.

I said a foot valve, not foot pump. Google it. Also known as a check valve or one-way valve. You want this at the end of the hose that it sucking from the bucket. This valve will prevent water from coming out of the line and possibly introduce air to the system.

For such low volume maybe a dual boiler E61 machine with ratary pump would do it, most have on board water tank too. I’d say keep a close eye on the used market or maybe even ask local cafés/barista if they know of any single group machines available. Where are you located?

If you can swing it, the LM Linea Mini would be nice.

With about 14 drinks a day I’d say go with a Nuova Simonelli Oscar II. They are NSF certified so you can actually use in a commercial environment and you can pick one up for under $1k. It also has a fillable reservoir too. If budget is no issue then La Marzocco GS3 or Linea Mini but you’ll need a flow jet and a 5 gallon jug. The grinder is going to be another hurdle. A Mazzer Super Jolly E would work well for that volume.

Hi Spencer, the GS3 and Linea Mini both have water tanks onboard, why do they need a flowjet?

Mostly because these machines should be left on 24/7. You risk the chance of running it dry and causing all sorts of costly havoc.

Is this a real concern? Have you ever encountered or heard of one of these machines “running dry” before? You probably have much more experience then me, so I’m genuinely asking.
It would also be interesting to see failure rate on componants in machines that are turned on 24/7 versus machines that are switched off at night. I would venture to say that if you’re taking care of your water, turning the machine on and off shouldn’t be a problem. My Linea Classic has been on everyday and off everynight for a year now.

Also, from the review on Coffee Geek: “La Marzocco told me that the Linea Mini – unlike the GS/3 or other commercial machines – was designed to turn on and off, with quick warm up times for brewing espresso (steaming milk may take longer times).”

Correct me if I’m wrong but these machines are sold to the public to be used (24/7 or turned on and off) with the onboard tank (or plumbed in), so I wouldn’t worry about a flowjet.

Thanks for your help guys, appreciate it loads.
I’ve managed to find a Iberital L’Anna 1 group Hand Fill Automatic Espresso Machine online. Hopefully this should do the trick.