Single Group machines


I’m on the look out for a single group machine. Unlike 2 or 3 group options the availability and range doesn’t seem to be as varied with many manufactures only offering single group options to a couple of there machine variations. I’ve been using the Linea Mini for the meantime which works well but i’m looking for something that will offer prolonged consistency and capacity which can be fairly mobile. As it is a pop up, space is limited and so is quantity of drinks, which is why i’m not looking for a 2 group just yet.

If you have any recommendations i’m all ears!


If money is not the issue, you can upgrade your Linea Mini to a GS3. I’ve been using my GS3 MP in a bunch of small coffee shops, shows, demonstrations and lessons. So I can tell you that it has been moving a lot without affecting it’s performance or consistency.
It’s somehow heavy when it’s full of water, but if you don’t mind empting the boilers before you move it, you can carry it by your own without problems.

The Slayer one group is a master, but only if you have ~10 000€.

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Well I’m a espresso and coffee tech and have been working on every espresso machine out there. So unlike most cafe owners I know each machine from inside out. I would personally go with Rancilio Silvia in your situation. Here is a link to a great review of it as well It might be helpful in understanding why I picked it.

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What specific deficiency of the Linea Mini are you trying to overcome with new hardware?

I wouldn’t say it was a deficiency, but automation. The Mini is very manual which is great when time is plenty, but when you’re a bit strapped for time pulling shots consistently can become more difficult.

In the UK the Mini hasn’t got a plumbing adapter so running it off a reservoir tank means filling it up when water levels are low, which again isn’t ideal.

So then are you saying you want a volumetric machine? Additionally you don’t need a kit to plumb the Linea, its an easy thing to do, also I’m sure a US vendor could send you the actual kit if desired.

Considering mobility, we have a LM GS3 for all of our off site/catering/pop-up events. Ours is plumed on our cart using a larger direct draw water reservoir, which works great.