Which machine for selling from home

Hi everyone
I live down a road which leads to a very popular area for walkers, cyclists etc and I wanted to start selling coffees from my driveway as they need to pass my house to get there.
Can anyone recommend which machines I should be looking at for commercial use but not masses of use, eg upto 50 cups a day, mainly weekends and school holidays.
Linea mini looks highly recommended but probably slightly high in price for what I’m after , looking for upto £2k ideally.
Also ideally with a water tank but can look into plumbing options but may be tricky if it’s from my driveway!
Many thanks

Hello Catherine,

If you are looking for a machine which can give you an ability for pulling shot with Specialty Coffee Under 2000 USD we would recommend The New Rancilio Silvia Pro as it can easily pull around 50 shots per day. It also have an inbuilt reservoir.

Second option is on slightly higher range We would recommend is Rocket R Chinqantto this would be a bit expensive machine but not as expensive as a Lamarzocco Linia Mini.

You can also look for Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Machine this will also fit in your budget but will not give you an option to tweak with temperature variability. Therefore you won’t be able to do much of Specialty Coffee and also the Appia Life will not have an inbuilt reservoir in it.

Rest is your choice!

Best Wishes


Hello, I recommend that you purchase BREVILLE BARISTA EXPRESS ESPRESSO.
It’s suitable for commercial use.