Ek43 Loud buzzing noise

My ek43 (07/16) has Loud buzzing noise after switch on. It was from the motor part It seems to be vibrations inside between rotating parts which it also grind out the silver coating of SSP burr. I did clean the grinder, scratch and change sheer plates, grease the rotating parts, lossen the front plate knob but still didn’t fix the problem.
anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions? Thanks

I’m having a similar issue. I am trying to contact Mahlkonig to resolve this. If I can figure it out I’ll let you know!

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Hi Justin, I actually found out the reasons. Burrs was touching because the sheer plate can’t fit, too lose so the burrs vibrate. I got the sheer plate just fit in the slot then burrs doesn’t touch any more. The reason the motor have loud noise because some bearing in motor was broken but i was been told by tech it won’t effect the function, and they can’t guarantee they fix the sound even they change a new bearing.