EK43 burrs over touching

Hi everyone
I apologize in advance if the question is duplicated, I searched but couldn’t find any post with the same question

I bought an EK43, it was misaligned, I checked the sound of the burrs barely touching
And with Matt YouTube guide I used a Marker and bingo, it’s misaligned

As I was adding foil and turning on the grinder the calibration was shifting giving me more fine settings bellow the zero, which is great
But accedantly I turned it on once while it was way bellow zero, and it made a huge screeching (I have a video of the accident)

Did I damage it? My shots are way faster now

Did you disassemble it again to see if you put everything back correctly as well as to see if anything is noticeably damaged? I would assume if anything is damaged you just shaved down a little bit of the stationary burr. The burrs are made of really hard tool steel and are fairly resilient, you may have just over compensated your alignment.

I opened it up to complete the alignment after what happened in the video! When it was all aligned and the marker was evenly wiped with burrs touch I stated testing espresso

It was way faster than before
This is a picture of the burrs and I can see marks of heavy shaving on both burrs

What do you mean by over compensate the alignment

I want to know if Im gonna need to buy new burrs
I don’t imagine it to get finer grinds after the screeching sounds, could it?

Hey Aji,
I’ve never aligned burs for espresso, will soon though, but something I noticed with our batch brew grinder is that because good alignment reduces fines and particle variation, the drawdown is noticably faster.
That could have a similar effect on your shots.
Also, if you notice visible shaving on the burrs, you may have to recalibrate them for the dial range to be true. Either way, dialing in the espresso will be necessary.

Like was mentioned before, burrs are tough, and you may have shortened the life of them, but some calibrating and dialing in is all i would expect to be needed.

Thank you all
Although I’m glad the burrs still have life in them
I’m out of options to make my shots slower

Before alignment: 18grams in 40g out in 15 seconds
After alignment: 18grams in 40g out in 10 seconds

Both were at the finest setting after calibration

I’ll try taking out the foil that I added and see if it get back to 15

I appreciate your help and keen to hear more

what happened then??

Its working very well
I opened a cafe and I’m using for filter coffee with the same burrs but I realigned it

as for espresso, the realignment didn’t change anything. still same speed
apparently as @CordRawls mentioned good alignment reduces fines, so it runs quicker than before

Sometimes I get sample espresso beans from friends and I give it a shot using the EK
butI need to adjust the espresso machine pressure depending on the level of roast
I get way better extraction compared to the mythos one
visuals and taste

P.S. The Burrs Are Tough