EK43 not grinding fine enough

Hi all, can’t see any duplicates of this question!

I have a relatively new (under 1 year) EK43 that I’m struggling to get to grind fine enough for espresso, and after spending a long time methodically aligning and zeroing the burrs (coffee burrs), I can’t hit anything over 15 secs.

Weirdly I have another EK that I can use the same coffee with and got long extraction times with.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Both grinders have coffee burrs, using tap distribution with a barista hustle tamper on a Linea PB + VST baskets

Any ideas?

Dose? We have the same issue brewing at low doses.

Although some will say that you can brew 15" sec shots, i feel the benefits of a longer brew time contribute to quality

It’s a 20g dose in 21g VST baskets which is why it’s confusing me - I did contact Mahlkonig and I’m going to carry out a couple tests to isolate the issue. It’s either:

  1. The burrs - going to swap the burrs from each unit and see if issue persists
  2. The spring on the moving burr carrier- may be an issue stopping from getting the burrs from getting close enough
  3. The Devil

How’s the condition of the burrs? If the burrs have a flat spot from touching you may have a hard time getting it any finer.

We have been having a similar issue but with our K30. We do all the necessary steps to zero out the burrs and put everything back to where it needs to be but yet when we run coffee through it, it comes out way to coarse for espresso. If Mahkönig gives you any answers let us know.