EK43 Faster Shots Post-alignment?

Hi everyone!

So I just aligned my the burrs on my EK (which is essentially new, has had maybe 50lbs or so of coffee run through it), via Matt’s video guide and yet I’ve found that my shots are now running much faster than they were before. Grinding at the point just before the burrs start to touch, I’m getting shots in around the 25-28 second range - which is perfectly fine, of course. The strange thing, though, is that prior to alignment, I was able to get shots that were actually ground too fine; I would get shots that went well into the 40 second range (18g dose for all doses). I was able to do this without getting anywhere close to the point where the burrs start to touch. Assuming they’re correctly aligned and I didn’t actually take them further out of alignment, what could be going on here?