EK Inconsistent grind

We use our EK43 for filter grinding only - batch, V60 and aeropress. Recently it had it’s burrs replaced and now we notice some inconsistencies with each grind, not matter what dial number it’s set to (22 dial). It has been calibrated etc but despite this we seem to be getting much of the same result regarding clumping and therefore has a serious effect on both extraction time and balance! Any suggestions? Thanks!

I had a similar issue and it worked itself out within a few weeks of grinding. We use our grinder for similar methods plus espresso - my extractions were always consistent tasting, extremely over extracted, extraction time for filter coffees was really long and the coffee bed surface was totally coated in silty fines. I attributed this all to having new SUPER sharp burrs, that, even though calibrated, still created significant fines due to the fact that they were TOO sharp. Don’t know if that’s actually true but would love to know if it is. For whatever reason, this problem leveled out within a few weeks of grinding and the coffees went back to tasting like they should: incredible. My advice would be help us find out if it is indeed fines contribution and why they are created, and also stick it out until you notice an improved difference. Oh, and make sure you’ve calibrated your burrs too–I didn’t have any clumping as you mentioned-just really fine, consistent and fluffy grinds.

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Hi Nate

I’m glad I found someone had similar issues with us. I used SSP as well, my espresso setting started with #3.0 out of 22 dial, then dropped to 2.0 after for a while. But we had another issue which is our EK create way much more fines than it should be even after several times alignment to get it right, and I need to use maximum setting for batch brew but still have high extraction TDS 1.56-1.7 (60g to 1L). And it’s been few months from Nov 17. Few days ago I changed to gorilla burr it seems better result but I can see fines from my eyes. Do you have any idea of this issue? Thanks!

What problems are you actually experiencing? Measuring fines by eye is not easy, but presumably you’re seeing poor results in the cup or something? If you can describe these issues maybe I can help (I also use SSP).

What method did you use to align the burrs?

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Oh That’s great! I used silver colour SSP and almost maximum corse setting for moccamaster. 60g to 1L. If not shift finishing time around 6’15. TDS is 1.5 up, tasting dirty, flat and dry overextracted.

I used another EK in another work place before I didn’t remember I can see that much fines, so I assumed that’s why the big amount of fines bring up the TDS and overextracted the coffee. Before SSP I was using Turkish burr, and same using 20.5 out of 22dial, I can roughly get 1.3 TDS. It was tasting alright. And the last EK I used for moocamaster was 8 out of 11 original dial.

So for me it’s a wired thing to use that coarse setting and still can’t drop the TDS

Well I don’t use mine for batch so never need to go that coarse. Do you need to use it at the fine end? If not, you could move your zero point out to allow you to reach a coarser setting.

What method did you use to align the burrs?

Yes we use it for espresso as well. as SSP mentioned sliver one is pretty good for espresso but I don’t think the fines is because of SSP burr. Coz I got some fines from Turkish burr as well