EK43 grinder settings for pre-ground


Before I start wasting lots of coffee dialing in. I wondered if anyone could share their “shop” grinder settings on the EK43 for when having to pre-grind coffee for customers.

I understand the many variables, and that pre-ground is generally bad. But if a customer wants it, and is resistant to our attempt to educate them/sell them a grinder, I’d still rather give them what they want rather than alienate.

Looking for settings for:

French Press

Just looking for rough EK43 settings before I start experimenting to avoid being way off and wasting lots of coffee.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Espresso 2.4
French Press 17
Drip 14
Aeropress 16

Please understand that I have adjusted the burrs and settings for my grinder. Using a VST refractometer and a plethora of tastes buds, this is what we found works for us.


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Thanks Ben.

Have you got the 3FE dial on your EK? Are they simple enough to fit?

This is perfect, was just looking for rough indications to get me closer to the mark when I start the dialing in process.
Thank you for sharing your info!

My dial goes from 1 to 20. I am sorry to say I don’t know the specific name of the dial. It shipped that way. I had an impossible time finding people to share their settings with me. And those that did, I was able to ascertain were not close to my expectations. Please feel free to email me and I can send you pictures of our EK dial. And I can help dial you in. hooday1@gmail.com. I would be happy to talk on the phone after you email me your contact info. Hope this helps.

All the best,


what are you dosing on your coffee?

I’m at around 10.5 on the 3fe dial for batch brew (drip) and we dose around 110-115g per 64oz batch.

Hi Andy,

These settings are for pre-ground retail bags for customers, so we’ll just be recommendation dose quantities. For drip we’ll be recommending 21g coffee to 350ml water

Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for the assistance, much appreciated.
Did you buy the EK new? Maybe newer builds come with the 20 dial. Mine only came with a 11.

I’ll drop you an email shortly, a picture of the dial would be handy!


That is a good starting point Matt. About 17:1 ratio. So many variables to think about. If their brewer heats the water appropriately that should be adequate. If not then you may want to tweak that down to 16:1 or 15:1. It is all personal subjective taste. Also the age of your EK43 and the adjustments of the burs are important. Matt Perger has a great video showing how to make sure your burs are aligned correctly used foil shims. I too use 115gms of coffee for 1.9L (64.25 fl oz). Also using a refractometer in addition to your taste buds will help dial in the drip formula and ratio. Each coffee is different based on the origin, process and the condition of the coffee. “Always best to test!”

Cheers! I’ll look out for your e-mail

What steps to take if I am grinding at 5.5 on the (1-11) dial for batch brew coffee and tasting ok but want more out of my coffee, I have read, and seen in person many spaces that are between 8-10 with batch brew. What mistakes have I made and how can I fix?


Mine’s 11 - but there’s stilla degree of calibration, so 1.8 on your EK for espresso might be totally different than than mine.

I do usually grind for customers at 1.8 and tell them ‘if it comes out really slow then you got too much in the basket, and if it runs fast you need to pack more in’ - its always hard communicating the difficulty of successful home espresso brewing.