Your EK espresso parameters

Hi guys,

I’d like to get a log going of how people are brewing espresso using an EK.

I’ve been asking around and the settings seem to vary quite dramatically from bar-to-bar.

Obviously origin, roast, water and espresso machine have a lot to do with what you dial in but I’m more interested in the relationship between temp/time/ratio.

If you’re willing to contribute, fire away!

In our shop we use the EK for our “grande reserve”, our single origin coffee of the month that we want to highlight.
I find with the EK that because there’s less fines, the coffee runs quite quickly and you can grind finer or push the extraction and really get some great sweetness.
An example is:
In: 18g
Out: 45g
Pre Infusion: ~5 sec

Thanks Pierre,
What sort of brew time do you generally see?

This really depends on the coffee, whether it’s washed/natural and the origin. I try to get around 28ish seconds but I’ve seen as low as 25 as well as past 32 seconds. Have a play and see what tastes best

18g in 40g out 25 - 30s is the average for me for a variety of coffee.
To achieve ‘normal’ flow rate (not 18 - 23s gushers), try to reduce pump pressure to around 5 or 6 bars.

200 F water, 6 bar pressure, 18 in, 45 out. I’ve managed great tasting extractions from 20 to 40 seconds. I’m using my company’s espresso blend. What’s interesting to me is that the same blend is typically 18 in 36 out when I’m brewing with a Mythos grinder.