17 Gr, 28 or 34 sec?

Hi, i’ve read here that Matt consider time as the less important factor for extraction, ok but if i want to go futher, as (for what i know…) 1ml in 1 sec is the “base”, does if i choose 17gr as dose, i should try to go for 28 sec or 34 sec ?


Hey, your question is really confusing but I guess I’m just reiterating for Matt said that Time while important is probably less important than than all the other variables you have to deal with. The recommendation I usually give out is, pay attention to your ratios, your IN(dry weight/dose:OUT(yield).

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For me, the time is just a guild line to compare your current shot and last shot, of course it is less important to the other when you finding the sweet spot of your espresso, don’t forget the other thing may affect the taste of coffee, like water, grinder, temperature, weather and pressure.
If the taste is good why bother to limit the time when you testing? I had tried a 51 sec Ethiopian, they taste better then lot lot of cafe made coffee :smile:


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I agree with other posters. My general dial-in mean or target is 18g in, 31g out in 25 seconds. After that I go by taste. Beans don’t read books.

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