EK43 Alignment Guide/Tool - Is there a visual aid for dummies?

Searched the webs but couldn’t find anything visual or detailed. Is there a good site that shows detailed pictures and step by step of how to align an EK43? Possibly even a youtube video?

@MattPerger - I know on the weekly hustle mails that you said to ask nicely, and you may put one together. Can you pretty please do one?

Sorry if this a duplicate, but I searched and did not see anything.

Same here, I would also love to see some detailed visual aids on aligning the blades.

So @MattPerger this is also me asking nicely.

You can use this,same process for the EK :

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I don’t agree that the Mythos method linked to works well for the EK43 because you can only do this on the stationary burr, which on the EK is very hard to access and to radially align. The alignment tool would still be good to allow quick radial alignment of the stationary burr and therefore can take the stationary burr out and in quickly to shim it. What do you think @MattPerger?

This seems to be a good guide and set of information, I haven’t personally used it. I also think there was some discussion about this on the facebook barista hustle group: http://grindscience.com/2016/02/aligning-my-ek43-burrs-hopefully-part-1/

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