Mahlkönig EK43 Grinder

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Reply with any resources/links you can think of, and I’ll add them here.

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Spare parts list:



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Hello all!

Looking for a little advice on my EK43:

Anyone had trouble with the switch popping back out one pressed in? Almost like it isn’t fully pushed in? (But actually is) Is it a switch problem or a larger motor one?

I’m guessing it must be somewhat of a known issue to Mahlkoenig, since their ‘barista EK43’ had a toggle switch rather than buttons.

Wondering if anyone else has this problem before I look anywhere else!


You’ll need a new switch. The right switch, too, as it’s a really customised part. Sorry!

If you have any problems with noise of vibration or the pre-breaker, don’t blame anyone. Buy this grease and add it.
Official grease, Mahlkönig uses: Klüber Paste UH1 84-201

Rob Berghmans presentation:

At their Operating Instruction Book. Mahlkonig recomend to use Vaseline for greasing.
But which kind of Vaseline? Is it the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?

this is their official “Vaseline”: Klüber Paste UH1 84-201

Has anyone had any issues with consistent channeling of shots when grinding for espresso? This happens across all of our baristas on one particular EK43. We use the ‘Holdswhirl’ technique to distribute and are bumping and collapsing before tamping.

The burrs have been alligned as per Mat North’s instructions.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

The reason for the very expensive Kluberpaste is its exceptional lubricity whilst still being able to eat it (direct food contact rating). I would not use Vaseline.
Consistent channelling could be caused by premature wear of the burrs (or perhaps the wrong type) or a stone/screw hit at some point
I am working on a clump crusher for the EK43 my alpha version virtually eliminates static with a grounds retention variance of 0.1g but the beta version needs to be made of an NSF rated material like the thin teflon sheet used on the Mythos. Any suggestions where I can get small bulk quantities of that teflon sheet and I’ll mail out a clump crusher to you.

What’s your pump pressure set to? And how fine are you grinding for an espresso shot, after zeroing the burrs?

We’re on 9 bar. Depending on the coffee, we’re grinding around the 4-5 mark.

whoa… 4-5 for espresso? WE’re at 9 bar on our PB and our unaligned EK is set at around 1.3.

@brabuse430 did you zero your burrs?


i haven’t… I’m scared to, plus I need a visual aide to help me do it. Unless someone is in LA and wants to come down and help a hustler out!

I just played a bit more with the batch brew. 2L batch, our EK is at 6.1 for 100g of coffee.

@brabuse430 here is a video-guide how to: Just follow these steps, don’t be scared. Just unplug and be careful. @Christian_Klatt shows it in every detail you have to know.

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@Friqle I did see that video, but if I am going to take apart the grinder, then I would prefer to also align the burrs. Hopefully @MattPerger can do a nice guide for our fellow hustlers who aren’t super handy. :grin:

4-5 mark? do you use turkish burr? or maybe use other dial? perhaps dial from 3fe? My espresso would be very hard touching 1,8 with standard dial.

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Yep, Turkish burrs. Should we be using the coffee ones instead? We struggle to grind fine enough with them.

I’ve noticed the more consistent the grinds the lower pump pressure is needed for the same extraction %. I’ve pulled bangin’ shots at 5bars with an ek43. Try playing with the pressure.

Furthermore, what are your dose weights and the portafilter basket sizes used for that dose?