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Hello to all members of community.
I got a question. I adding coffee to my business.
I ordered machine La Marzocco Linea Classic 2EE and still can’t choose the grinder.

I own a lounge, it is not a high volume coffee shop, but still I want to provide best quality of coffee I can make.
I was making research about grinders and was thinking to get Mazzer Kony and Mahlkonig Kenia at the beginning. Later I was reading about Mahlkonig EKK43 after I saw it in one of the coffee shops. I know that EKK43 really good grinder and not sure if it will fit for me to use as grinder for espresso?
It will be great to hear opinion of experienced Baristas and coffee shop owners.

Thank you a lot!

Hi, at first the EKK43 is a double grinder. I guess you won’t need a double EK43.
It’s not as easy as it seems to use an EK43 for regular espresso distribution, because it takes a lot of time compared to any other grinded. If you want to have nearly the same particle size distribution as the EK43, you’ll need to think about the Peak (newest grinder from Mahlkönig). Alternative is the Mythos. Pls don’t think about buying a Mazzer.

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EKK43 is not a good choice for espresso based cafe. Mythos or Mazzer are ideal. I think

Sounds like an anecdotal argument. There are plenty of incredible shops pulling great espresso with an EK43, and often to great affect. Check this video out, for example.


Here are some things I would consider in your exciting new venture!
Mazzer: burr placement leads to high grind retention. I would not want this in a low volume shop because lots of coffee is wasted purging the grinder after a lull in business and after any grind setting change.
Mythos 1 clima pro: burr placement leads to low grind retention. You’ll waste less coffee dialing in the grinder and old coffee grounds affecting taste is not a worry. This grinder has a heating element on the burrs so that if you get a rush and grind a lot of coffee in a row or if you’ve not ground coffee all day and then get an order the coffee will grind similarly.
EK43 (not ekk43): also very low retention. Again that leads to less wasted coffee and money and better freshness. The way you use this grinder for espresso is different, but in my opinion not at all bad. I would get one or two dozen attractive small jars that each hold a doses worth of coffee beans. This requires some at the start of your day weighing out each dose in the jar. But then later when you get an order it is quick and easy to dump a dose of coffee into the grinder and get exactly the amount you need. This method makes burr temp a non issue. Plus, if you need a grinder for filter coffee you can do that too!

I wanted this to be more short and succinct but struggled. If you have any more specific questions just ask!


Jackson, thank you a lot fore reply. Very informative.
Do I need “back up” grinder in case EKK43 breaks (I want to set one side for espresso and other for filter coffee).
And is it hard for barista to get used to EK43?

Thank you a lot. I will take a look on Peak.
Just out of curiosity since I’m new to barista world - why you don’t like Mazzers?

Thank you a lot William.
I will see different opinions and try to choose right grinder. Tough decision though…

Thank you a lot for great video.
It seems like it easy to use it.
But still worried how barista will get use to it…

I would not worry about a backup grinder but I would have a few extra shear plates on hand. This is one piece that can occasionally break on an ek, but is quick and easy to replace as long as you have an extra. Another perk of the ek for espresso is you do not need an extra grinder if you wish to offer decaf espresso.
In my experience it is not difficult for a skilled barista to adapt to the new workflow. I really quite enjoy it! One additional tool you’ll need is a jam funnel to rest on top of your portafilter to make it easier to grind into. Again, an extra step that a traditional grinder doesn’t require, but with practice is easy.

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Thank you a lot Jackson! Very helpful. I made my decision :slight_smile:
Based on your experience - what will be better - EK or EKK?
Is it alright to always switch between grinder settings during the work if I use EK (One hopper).

Yes, the grinder does well going from espresso fineness all the way to coarse drip and back to espresso no problem! The Linea 2ee is a really great machine as well, you’ll have a great setup.

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Thank you a lot! You helped me a lot.

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You can very quickly change between different grind settings on the EK, you just need to pre-weigh any coffee before you throw it into the hopper, instead of just pouring a bag of beans into the hopper. This workflow is necessary because it was originally designed for grinding large quantities of coffee, and does not have a built in timer that makes it possible to grind small consistent doses without pre weighing.

There are people that manage up to five or six different coffees on an EK, so from what you’ve told us so far, it definitely doesn’t seem necessary to opt for the EKK. Just make sure to keep accurate notes on the settings you’re using, and remember to double check the setting before you grind.

It’s also worth getting 3FE’s replacement dial for the EK, as it will let you change between different grind settings more accurately than the stock dial.

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Hey I have a ekk43 that the motor or drive shafts are making a high pitched whining. Has any body had this issues if so what was the cause and what was the fix ???