Grinder that's between Baratza Forte & EK 43 ( both capacity & price )

We are looking to setup few smaller kiosks and want to do great manual brew and also sell ground coffee on demand. We use an EK 43 at the cafe right now but will not be able to afford one for all these other spaces. We know that Baratza grinders can’t grind 250 grams or more if needed for retailing. What would you suggest we look at that’s in between these two?

The mahlkonig guatemala grinders are really nice. If that’s still too much, I’d go with a bunn grinder. Both of these will be far more reliable than a forte and lighter on the budget than an ek-43 without sacrificing quality.

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Thanks Justin, this is helpful

Ditting KR804 USD $1,100 +/- 200 is probably right in the middle. PROS: Very solid grind. Same parent company as mahlkonig and anfim. Very easy to open up and clean the burrs. I have pulled an almost decent “EK” shot on them although it’s almost impossible to adjust the grind carefully enough to make that practical. CONS: plenty of static. Not pretty.