Best electric grinder for under $700AUD

I know there are a few threads regarding grinders but; none specific to electric grinders suitable for filter, in a home setting, without a hefty price tag. Have been looking at the Mahlkonig Vario and a few Baratza models as well as the Fuji Royal. Any suggestions would be appreciated along with why and any relevant tech. Thank you.

For home use and filter coffee I’d highly recommend Mahlkönig/Baratza Vario Home w/ steel burrs (not the ceramic stock burrs). Excellent for single dosing and very consistent grind.

Hey Jono, firstly, great post mate… Very relevant for me right now.

My business partner and I brew large quantities of cold brew and have been struggling away with hand grinders for nearly 6 months now. We are using the Lido 3 which is absolutely fantastic by the way.

Because we are now doing multiple kgs a week we need to move to something electric to save our shoulders. All of our research has indicated that the Baratza Virtuoso will best fulfil our needs.

Why? It is perfect for brewing coffee on coarse grind settings. With its 40 macro (no micro) settings it means you are not paying for adjustable settings that you don’t need… This shouldn’t matter too much if you are not using the grinder to make espresso coffee. Further, compared to the lower model, the Baratza Encore, it’s grind speed is almost double. So for an extra $100 you are halving your grind time… Which for us doing quantity grinding is super important.

Anyway… We have a problem. Nowhere in Australia seems to stock this grinder! Five senses are the importer/ distributor here in Perth, Australia but they don’t have the Virtuoso on their product list.

Mama Mia!

Any help would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanks all.


Are you an author of that site? You’re linking to it everywhere.

I’m a certified professional commercial hot beverage equipment tech. I write post’s for many websites (the ones that can afford my post). I have over 7+ years of experience in this field. I don’t mind sharing my knowledge as long as I get paid for it.

Two more suggestions - Kalita Next G and Nice Cut Mill :grin:

That’s cool, but everyone in here is sharing and not getting paid. Let’s
please keep the only-linking-to-one-website-you-write-for down to a dull

No Problem, Will Do.

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I have Baratza Encore with small upgrade - the burr is from Baratza Preciso grinder. The burrs are compatible and grinding is much better. Some pictures here


Don’t they look the same but Presisso burr is sharper/newer?
Or I’m missing something?

Yes, preciso burr is new and encore burr is 15 months old. But it’s normal shape of encore burr. Preciso burr have different shape - it’s sharper by design. Is sharper, better and more expensive :slight_smile:

Ive been using the Vario with steel burrs as a home filter grinder for a number of years now and really cant fault it, fantastic machine and super reliable. You might even be able to locate a second hand one much cheaper and get yourself some fresh burrs?
Baratza’s website is handy and full of spare parts if you ever need them and there is a wealth of knowledge online for them.
The Baratza Virtuoso is another fantastic option from the same family, im personally not experienced with it, maybe someone else can confirm but i think this comes with steel burrs, are they the same as the Vario steel burrs?

In saying that, vertical burr grinders are “the flavour” at the moment and units like the Fuji royal can be had new for inside your price range. Just be aware that grinders being bought direct from Japan are often 110v, Fuji will do a 220/240v on request but you need to specify this with them.

Baratza also has their “new kid on the block” out very soon the “Sette” series, maybe worth checking the ETA with your Baratza distributor and seeing if they have a price on that?
From the reading ive done its supposed to kick butt.

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I would also recommend Baratza products. I have had a Virtuoso for over a year and love it, plus their cust service is great. The Virtuoso does have different burrs than the Vario, the Vario has flat and Virtuoso has conical.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I’ve settled on the Vario III but I’m struggling to find a stockist in Australia. If anyone has any leads I’d really appreciate it!

Also, has anyone used the Fuji Royal R-220 grinder?

I very nearly sold my Vario to get one simply based on the reading I had done on other sites… but decided against it simply based on the way it would look on my bench haha!

I reckon they look awesome! Like a mini EK

The Kalita Nice Cut is more mini EK looking

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I use Fuji Royal R220 at home.

Cool. Anything you can share about it?

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