Best Budget Burr Grinder?

Recently, after having moved back home from college and away from my friends with higher end coffee grinders, I was looking around and am hoping to buy a higher end grinder than what I currently use. Currently, I use the Hario Skerton and it’s becoming a bit of a nuisance when it comes to ground consistency. As I mentioned though, I’m in college and am not exactly in the position to drop a several hundred dollars on a nice grinder.

So does anyone have any recommendations on the most cost effective grinders out there? As I said, I am not looking for putting $500 into a new grinder, but if you’d like to toss some ideas out I’d recommend it. I’m hoping for this to be pretty open ended and potentially used in the future when I (hopefully) have a few more dollars in my bank account.

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Don’t know if it’s made it over to the states but the Wilfa SVART grinder is great for the price. I’d guess it would retail for around $150

Baratza Encore for about $150 in specialty coffee bars and about $130 on Amazon. It’s comparable to the Wilfa and easier to get your hands on in the States. Top of the line for the cost and quality grind you get. Cheers to the end of the whirly grinder era!


You didn’t say whether you’re looking for electric or want to stay with manual but pretty much anything is better than Skerton even with stabilizing kit… For a fair grinding size range check manual grinders by Orphan Espresso or cheaper electric ones from Breville.

Sorry to leave you guys hanging for a while, but I checked all those out!

Sadly, the Wilfa SVART doesn’t look like it’s made its way to the US yet, but it did look really nice.

I also took a look at the Baritza Encore and was a pretty big fan. I think I have a buddy who owns one and I’ve enjoyed most everything he’s poured me with it. I’ve also used it a few times and frankly, compared to my Skerton, its a world of difference.

Phabien, is there a pro/con list to hand grinders? From what I’ve experienced, it seems like once you become more mechanical and automated its a step up. Orphan Espresso had some really nice looking grinders and it had me reconsidering my opinions.

Encore and then upgrade the Burrs later to M2 which will give even better performance. I have the Preciso, same burrs and it is great for Pourover. Good enough for Todd to compete at Brewers Cup with.

Also, I have the Lido 3 from Orphan Expresso and it is a step up from the Preciso in grind quality(Kruve sieve verified). However, it is expensive though…

Preciso is great though, use it every morning plus the Lido.

Definitely would suggest a Baratza encore. This one was reccommended to me by local barista guild contacts and is a super decent conical burr grinder at a reasonable price. Prima Coffee and Espresso parts both offer it with free shipping.


Anonymous is probably the cheapest competent grinder I know of at around $75. Bit difficult to order compared to some others though.

Aergrind should stir up the market as an easy to get quality option at around $90.

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My go to standard is the Rok - nice burrs and good fast results due to excellent ergonomics

I would go with the Baratza Encore ( ), Capresso Infinity, or Wilfa SVART. All should be available in your price range.

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I have used the Baratza Encore and thought the ability to get shots “dialed in” was iffy. Purchased a Baratza Sette 30 and the Sette 270 adjustment assembly and it is great. I can change the micro adjust dial one letter and get about a second difference in the pull. The grind is very fluffy and no clumps at all with any roast from barely City to French Roast. This is with the AP burr. I got the Sette 30 because I weigh beans before grinding and don’t need the timers or scales built in. A normal espresso grind retains about 1.2 grams and a grind for my Kalita Wave with the BG burr retains about .4 grams of coffee.

Well, it depends which purpose you need the burr grinder for? By which I mean Home or Commercial use.

I personally use bodum bistro burr grinder at home and have had it for about 2 years now. I’m very satisfied with it since it consistently grinds coffee without me constantly changing the settings.

For commercial use coffee grinder I don’t think there is a better option then Bunn G2HD. This is one of the most common commercial coffee grinders I’ve seen in hundreds of cafes around Maryland.

Some times i’ve seen people compromise quality over style and I guess it just makes sense to them. The truth is there are tonnes of coffee grinders out there that look absolutely amazing as far as the design goes. These grinders might look amazing sitting in your kitchen but if a grinder does not grind quality coffee then there is no point in my opinion.

Baratza Encore is the end for this much budget. Even Capresso Inifinity is good for the budget under $100. But still, Encore is a more valuable asset and has a name in quality grinders.

Agree! The Baratza Encore is definitely the way to go. Great value for the price.

I have just found some well-tech grinder in this website

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Twice that Baratza Encore would be a solid choice.
From my experience, Baratza provides excellent customer service (as we had problems when we purchased the first grinder, they replaced it without any issues). But their basic grinders are serviceable by anyone with basic mechanical skills (even me!), also parts are available at reasonable cost.

We also bought a manual grinder ($20 at a flea market a few years back) for these days when we lose power, as we have a gas cook-top and a french press, but no way to grind the beans. Also a great value for the price.

If you concern about consistency my recommendation is KRUPS GX 5000. Which not also costly around $43. This is a budget friendly grinder with multiple grind levels and adjusts fineness level.