Wifi Svart Grinder / v60 Scale

gday everybody

couldn’t find anything about the wilfa svart grinder and v60 – i am very happy with it (private use), but would be interesting what scale of grind ppl use for v60 ? it seems often to coarse? thank you!

Often people use Acaia pearl scales

sorry, dont get that. of course i use a hario scale for weight, water, ratio but i would like to know how others use the different pre grind sizes of the wifa svart for v60 or aeropress …

It’s been quite a while since I last used one. But I think I remember going 3 clicks finer than the “Filter” setting. you follow? :blush:

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Thank you Matthias, thats what i do, too … like using “Aeropress” for “v60” and so on - wonder who designed the “clicks”/wheel"? :smiley: