Espresso Distribution Tool Debate Update #3

Hello everyone!

Here’s the third update to the Great Distribution Tool Debate. Huge thanks to everyone for your continued support and patience throughout this process! You can become a contributor and help us with science by going here:


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are you going to measure wet or dry puck segments?

when you’re running the final experiment will you use palm tapping and the tool(s) in combination? from a workflow perspective one of the benefits of these tools is the ability to quickly place something on the basket and create a flat surface for tamping. it would be helpful to know if there is an improvement beyond tapping only, even if the “distribution” tool is not living up to its name on its own, due to only interacting with the surface of the coffee READ: stockfleth

in a busy cafe with a large number of humans working on the same bar the consistency and quality of baristas using palm tapping can vary. if tools like the ones you will be testing can improve extraction beyond “some” tapping alone that may be enough to support their use at the cafe level