The Great Distribution Tool Debate Results!

The long-awaited results of the espresso distribution tool experiment we launched are finally here! Thank you so much for your patience on this! Michael went to great lengths to make sure the results were as thorough as possible.

We’re looking forward t o continue researching into this topic. It’s far from over!

Read: The Great Distribution Tool Debate Results

All i can hear in my head is DJ Khaled going “ANOVA one”.

really good work and can’t wait to see the conclusive answer at the end of the testing !

Great stuff, I’ve been partial to palm tapping over the OCD. Though I’ve heard the Pullman distributer is better than the OCD, I’d love to know if anyone has any thoughts or experiences with it.

I’m going to give a really simplistic response to this thread.

Time A - we didn’t use a distro tool, and we got a fair number of channeled shots (1 in 15?)
Time B - we started using a distro tool (not an OCD but very similar), and we got far fewer channeled shots (1 in 40?)

Thumbs up from me, and its now a core step in every espresso we prepare in the shop.