Favorite V60 02 recipes

Hello guys!

This year I am competing at Brewers Cup and I just want to ask you:
What is your favorite recipes for V60? If you can share them with me I would be very
happy, my mind is not able to produce any more recipes :smiley:

Have a nice day guys!


My favorite one makes an 8 ounce cup of coffee. It’s a 15:1 ratio. I use 18.2 grams of coffee to 272 grams of water. It’s great if you like small strong cups of coffee.

8 oz – 17g medium roast, 15g dark, 20g light

I have my cadence down with the Melodrip https://melodrip.co/products/melodrip-v-01 and the clarity is spectacular. They recommend 15g @ 8 oz. It takes some patience and practice - noticeable payoff.

Good luck!

I went and checked out the Mellowdrip… the artwork/imaging used on their site is so bad I can’t really figure out what it is. NO contrast. Ditch the chip of wood and use a plain medium drk neutral colour backdrop, and some directioinal lighting so we can see what it is.
Best I can guess is it workes as a diffuser to evenly drip water over the bed of grounds, rather than having the brewer place the water, as with a swan-neck kettle or some such.
Not a bad idea, as I’ve watched far too many drip brews made by simply flooding the bed and enduring the results.

I saw an OXO product that works in similar fashion to how I think Mellowdrip functionis. It seems pretty easy to use. Have you seen/tried that unit?

The OXO device is actually a water tank, has few holes in a circle near the centre, so it deposits the water centrally, but also regulates flow (Melodrip & Aeropress used as a dispersion screen don’t regulate). I have used the OXO complete & it’s water tank with my 185 Kalita wave with 155 papers. It’s low faff, I tend to do this for 1st cup in the morning at the weekends, works acceptably. I bloom for 90s via tank with a shake to wet, then all in with the remaining brew water with a regular kettle. I still prefer to pour with a gooseneck when I’m inclined to be more ‘hands on’.

I bought the Melodrip after studying - in depth - about agitation and its effects. It took me about 3 coffee’s to get my cadence. It’s measurably better, and I’ve blind-poured this vs ‘basic’ pour over for bakers and they choose Melodrip. Melodrip didn’t revolutionize anything - it just made it easier. A very good pour over can go one-on-one with this, just don’t be in a hurry.

I found two ways to get the same result - constant 5g pulses as you go around the bed or 40g pulses every 20 seconds. I also go to the end with the Melodrip vs a dump of the last 40g from spout. Just being careful. My cup is whistle-clean.

I am thinking about getting a pour over and confused between buying a V60 dripper and a honey combed pour over. May be I want to know about the best Pour overs available in the market.

By “honey combed” do you mean the Beehouse style dripper, similar to the Melitta? Or, are you talking about a permanent, metal filter?

If you mean the Melitta style, that uses a paper, both that and V60 can make excellent cups. I would base your choice on how easy it is to get filter papers. For example, Hario offer a few different kinds and the Dutch ones can throw you off by drawing down slower than Japanese. I can get good, white Melitta style papers in the local supermarket, so I tend to use those most often…depends what you have available locally.

Nailing down your recipe & being consistent will make for the best pour over brews, irrespective of the drip cone you use.

I am talking about E-PRANCE HoneyCombed Coffee Filter available at Amazon. It seems good to go for.

A permanent filter will let more solids pass into the brew, even with a paper filtered brew these an flatten of sweetness & clarity. I’m not saying it can’t work, I’m sure it will…with a bit of figuring out. It’s perhaps not a most suitable comparison to the V60 (though Hario do have their own permanent filter, the Cafeor).

Whether it is best/better, or otherwise, will depend strongly on your ability to make consistent cups & your tolerance to undissolved solids in the final brew.

Maybe grind on the coarse side & after initial pre wet, keep pours central & stretch out the brew with little pulses?

I would go with the a Kalita Wave or Hario V60. I really like the V60 I use it everyday. Easy to brew with and coffee tastes great.