La Marzocco GS3 MP or AV


Just about to purchase a GS3 however having difficulty on deciding on either the Manual paddle or the Auto-volumetric.
It will be for home use only, mainly making espresso, and will be plumbed in. Just want some feedback from GS3 owners if there happy with their selection.

Love the tactile feel of the paddle, but would enjoy the consistency of AV!


Isn’t AV cheaper? Id go for AV as the MP needs the group head rebuilt often.

Thats why you don’t see a lot of Strada MP’s… it was a hassle.

AV all the way. That MP head is a pain to maintain.

Had the same dilemma before purchasing my MP. The first three month were like a honeymoon, everything was perfect. Until I started to have group pressure problems and leakings. The solution was a simple change of o-rings inside the mechanism of the MP.
This is a common problem that every owner of MP will have to suffer sooner or later. Even La Marzocco has videos of how to get there and sells a tool to make this task properly (Not worth buying).
I’m satisfied with my MP, because I like getting in there and get to know how my machine works, but if you just want some good coffee without the hussle of maintenance… then go for the AV.

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