VA Black Eagle VS LM Strada MP

Hi Guys,

I’m about to open a new specialty coffee-shop, and looking to find the best machine.
I’ve got quite good offers for these 2, but not sure which one to choose.
(Or go for a cheaper Linea PB - MP/AV?)

What is your experience, which would you choose, and why?

Thanks :wink:

Hey man!

Invest in whatever makes your Baristas life easier. If you have a Barista or Baristas lined up talk to them. But I’m sure we can offer some good advice nevertheless. Bare in mind that I’m from the UK so everything I say is based on my experience over here.

Black Eagles are nice however I wouldn’t opt for one. Spare parts are expensive, technicians that know what they’re doing are scarce and certain parts of the machine (parts which get used the most conveniently) are prone to premature wear and tear.

Linea PB with scales is my choice over the Strada. Loads of technicians available as well as easy to obtain spare parts. Solid workhorse machines.

I’d use any spare cash and invest in:

  • VST Ridgeless Baskets (14g or 18g)
  • A properly fitting 58.4mm flat based tamper or PuqPress if you’d like to eliminate inconsistency
  • IMS shower screens (NanoQuartz if available otherwise just standard ones and not the teflon coated ones)
  • Decent milk pitchers (Barista Hustle, Motta, Jibbijug, Rhinowares)
  • Ohaus Navigator XT scales to weigh grams out of the grinder (Acaia are poorly made in my experience at high volume cafes but lovely and nice to use…)
  • Serious flat burr grinders

But that’s just what I think :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

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Our Black Eagle has been a dream so far. We used to have a Strada and wouldn’t have another!

IF you get a La Marzocco the Linea PB is the one to have. Good machine.

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Thanks, here (Hungary) the LM has great support, not sure about VA. However in the overall I prefer the Black Eagle, but I still have 1 day to decide :wink:

(I’ve ruled out the Strada MP)

Linea PB would be your safest bet. I love our Black Eagle and its handy that I have a friend who is a VA engineer…

Why would you choose the Linea PB over the Black Eagle? :wink:

Lots of reasons - it’s probably more temperature stable, its made better, the parts are more readily available, its easier to service and easier to sell on…

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Thanks, Linea PB + Scales are on the way :wink:

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Good choice, sir. You would have been happy with the Black Eagle or Linea PB.