Super automatic espresso maker for home

Finally got a chance to replace my older machine with a newer one, yay.
And here comes the question: which one?
Of course I did my research, and DeLonghi looks like an interesting option, but as it seems to be priced at the top end within its class of lighter duty machines. I feel at that point I would just as soon spend a bit more for a more serious machine like Rancilio or Breville instead.

To sum it up - I’m looking for any suggestions on a reliable machine that isn’t 10k (and over 2k preferably).

Bumping up.

Guess, Eletta I’ve been considering is not longer an option. From what I found -

Potential pitfall that users found was that the grinder doesn’t handle oily beans particularly well and can jam up if you don’t clean the hopper frequently

Same info in Amazon comments, which could be really problematic since I’m still passion about extra dark and oily roasts. I have a separate grinder as a back-up, but Breville’s in-built grinder seems to be more reliable. Yet still it’s not a cheapish toy, and now I’m looking for Breville Oracle Touch pro’s and con’s.