At-Home Manual Espresso Machine

I was a barista in high end coffee for approximately 8 years. With a recent career change, I have had a constant itch for making good espresso at home. Unfortunately, I do not have the counter space or ability to have a water line attached. I am primarily looking into manual espresso machines. Ideally in the ~$200 to ~$500 range. Does anybody have any suggestions for a great manual espresso machine that doesn’t break the bank?

Hi! You could look into the sage Bambino plus? Or breville, depending or where you are in the world… I don’t own it myself, but in your price range, this is the only machine I’ve had good feedback on… real portafilter, good pressure for the milk.
Or did you already buy something? I’d be interested in knowing if you found something different for that price and if you’re happy with it?