Managing employees

I run a cafe and have two questions regarding employees. First is how would you suggest furthering their coffee education? as well as any tips on how to keep them busy during slower moments in the day?
thank you!

  1. For low cost options, I suggest mentoring junior employees with senior. It helps to have a bullet list of items for them to go over.

  2. Lists are your best friend here, too. We have a huge list of Filler Tasks, ranked according to priority. We also split out the duties according to day (eg: Tuesday is for cleaning coolers & watering plants, etc.). We also tell them if you’re standing around bored or talking, wipe something down.

Hope this helps!

I would recommend that as the day progresses, adjust the mood of your cafe to accommodate an evening setting. You can easily do this by altering music choices, adjusting lighting, or even adding tablecloths for a classier look.