Organic green beans "Crop to Cup - Who should I contact

Good day

I am a complete newbie and I am attempting to start roasting in Narbonne, France.

I want to buy organic green beans “Crop to Cup” fair trade from a reliable trusted supplier.
What suppliers should I contact and what price roughly should I pay for small bulk orders.

Does anyone offer farm tours to the coffee plantations.

Great forum and thank you everyone…

When anyone finds themselves in Narbonne, please come for a free tester :). I would love your feedback and honesty.


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Do you have a more specific idea of how much coffee you would be ordering at once?

I am curious to know if you have made progress sourcing coffee. As a potential supplier of single lot Cafes especiales de Colombia in strictly one varietal, I am curious to learn about the economics of sending you green coffee directly… what quantity could you take up in one shipment and what would make economic sense to you…