Venezuelan Beans

Hi Everyone, I have located a farm in Venezuela that I’m considering purchasing. My goal is to make a positive impact to the horrible crisis there my bringing US dollars to the workers and community there. I’m familiar with farming and land purchases but not as familiar with coffee. Is there sufficient demand for Venezuelan coffee? Can anyone suggest a sales price per kilo or point of green beans? I would like to sell directly to roasters to secure as much revenue back to the people working on the farm and surrounding areas. Also any financial models on coffee farm operations are greatly appreciated.

Hi there, I would say as long as the coffee has been grown, picked, processed, sorted, and hulled well and you produce a unique or classical profile then there would be a market for it. Getting the green coffee out of the country would be key. Do you have a proven method to export? The $ you get will depend on the cupping score within specialty coffee and finding a roaster willing to buy from you who believes in your work. If you want to understand $ then research the offer lists of bean importers, it varies considerably. From my experience Specialty Coffee Roasters pay between $7 and $21 per kilo depending on quality. If you plant cultivars such as Typica, Bourbon and Caturra you’ll deliver a classic Venezuelan profile, you may want to experiment with SL28 and Geisha cultivars too. It will take approx 3-4 years until the coffee you plant bears fruit. The area you locate in will be critical with high elevation producing some of the worlds most exceptional coffees so locating high up along the border with Colombia would make sense. If you compare to Colombian Specialty coffee you are looking at $9-15 per kg. I’d love to see this work.

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