What is a typical wholesale price for speciality coffee?

Hello all,

My partner and I are setting up a little business and are hoping this is the right community to help on a problem we have.

I am looking to purchase coffee from a variety of specialty roasters in Canada but would like to know more about pricing etc. for wholesale options. Most specialty coffee in Canada is selling an online retail price of $15-$24. While I appreciate this is a large range, I wondered if anyone could guide me further to the cost break down in terms of what we can expect to be paying.

We will be approaching the wholesalers directly, but as we are a small (very small) startup we would like to go into these discussions with some idea of the numbers and figures.

Really appreciate the help on this.

Instead of trying to buy online and involve shipping (Canada Post are nowhere near as low priced as the heavily subsidised USPS) I’d suggest you use the internet and search for
“coffee roasters” in your area, or towns nearby. You don’t mention where you are, but there must be at least some within a reasonalbe distance. Then, pop round for a vist, coe in as a customer and buy a coffee (if they serve brewed) and get their
. If they only roast, buy a bag or two of different offerings. Try them. Do this with a few shops. When you find someone doing coffee the way YOU think it ought to be done, then go in and chat them up, approach them on how it might work to build a cooperative or symbiotic relationship… conssitent supply, custom blend roasted YOUR way, single origins of note… sometimes its better to pay more and get a truly fine line of coffees than to go with “cheaper is better” and melt into the woodwork of the area as “one more shop, ho hum…”. And laying the foundation for a long term partnership meeting both your needs is good for the long term future of your business.

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