Cheapest Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans?


Not sure if this is the right question for this forum, but here goes…
I am a business owner in South Texas. I was notified that I need to cut costs and while researching my expenses I noticed I spend about $20-30 on coffee/week. I normally buy Folgers Filter Coffee Packets at Sam’s Club for my office and customers. While looking online for “wholesale coffee beans” I found most places sell 5lb bags for about $40 dollars. After some calculations I realized Folgers is already cheaper than most wholesale coffee beans available online. What are some cheap wholesale arabica coffee beans out there?

You don’t indicate WHY you have the coffee… is this as a perk for staff, a treat for guests/customers, or an item for sale in your business?

If it is the latter, you will not do well with FOlgers out of the can. If its just something to lubricate the staff, run a survey to see how much they value quality coffee. Perhaps, to enjoy decent to good coffee, they’d be willing to kick in a bit of coin on an occasional basis.

$8 the pound for whole bean is not a bad price at all. One thing yuo might do is check out your friendly neighbourhood HSB… look into their bulk whole bean, or their house brand bagged whole bean. Work your way through them to find the best one. Their pricing will be reasonable. Make sure you grt fresh on a regular basis… you will then be forced to get a grinder… DO NOT settle for a whirleyblade type. Get a decent burr grinder. The entry level Baratza will not disappoint. This is a workhorse that will stand up to years of hard service.