Colombian Coffees. question about selling CES de Colombia

let me introduce myself ,
A former Montrealer,
I have been living five years in Colombia and have taken courses at the university on the coffee growing business. I have been interested in all aspects from land management all the way to the professional taster, I have friends in all the communities from Huila, Santander and Antioquia. I have become fascinated with the world of CES which stands for Cafes Especiales de Colombia a higher quality product in the 90-93 rating world. We are entering a phase of great opportunity in these extremely high premium coffees which require substantial upfront investments ( 3 years for first harvest) and have been talking with farmers to plant only one varietal on a lot reserved and prepaid. I am curious to see who would be interested in these types of coffees with very specific yet temperamental varietals, ranging from Yellow or Red Bourbon. Geisha and the likes above 1700 meters. The results Should be toasted medium light and come out burgundy red, always drunk black and not too hot… What are the economics of sending green coffee like these to roasters in quantities of no more than 800 kgs as these will be vintage meaning the profiles will change year to year. Is there a business opportunity there for a roaster? Is there a price database to study the economics of such a move?