Learning coffee harvest seasons around the world

Hey everyone!

I’m creating my first green coffee buying projections for 2017, as I am a new roaster. I really want to better understand when different origins are harvesting and exporting around the world. Any ideas on where to look to study up on this?

Thanks in advance!


I think this might be what you’re after.

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Do you know roughly how long from harvest to roast usually takes?

There’s not a hard and fast answer for that. It’ll depend on local infrastructure, like transport from farm to point of departure (we’ve had coffee held up for 6 weeks at this point by strikes in the past) and method of shipping (air freight vs. on the water). Customs can be pretty slow depending on where the coffee’s coming in from (Colombia has other ‘exports’) and ultimately how far you are from point of origin (We’re in NZ, so everything takes some time)

I’m fairly certain that when everything goes smoothly, coffees from Central and South America tale about 2 months. Could be wrong. What about in your area?

Thanks! That’s helpful stuff. Sounds like I can have a rough idea, but all in all will just need to learn from experience.