Coffee Holiday/Trips around Central America? Recommendations?

Hey Guys,

Thinking of doing a coffee trip in November/Decemember, is this a good time of year to go? Anyone have any recommendations? i.e. book through a travel agent, go yourself and figure it out. etc.

Cheers in advance!

Happy to see some piece of advice as well. I was thinking about going to Costa Rica next year and spend some time on coffee plantations. Do you have some recommendations?

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Went to Panama during rainy season last April and the flights were really cheap. Nov/Dec is obviously high season, but that’s the case everywhere south at that time of year.

We had lots of good coffee and although we didn’t tour any farms, the Boquete area is reportedly very accessible and you could kill a few days in the region.

Yea I had a few friends who were in panama during the summer, they didn’t get to any coffee farms there but said that the area in which the coffee farms were located was hard to get to and not the safest!