Roasted coffee and air travel

Hey All :wave:

Was wondering if anyone had done any work on the effects of air travel on roasted coffee. We have been shipping internationally for a while and have never received any taste complaints however I’m interested to hear the communities thoughts around it.



Hi David,

I can’t imagine there’d be any undesirable effects for roasted coffee travelling by air… Planes utilize pressurized cabins so it’s really no different than it sitting in a truck or car assuming the humidity was being moderately controlled as well. Now, if you were shipping roasted coffee overseas for retail purposes and it was sitting on a shelf for an extended period of time before purchase, that would be a case of it being ‘out-of-roast’ and not necessarily a result of the air travel.

Love to hear some other input here though…


Thanks Shawn,

I’d heard reports of accelerated degassing and flavour profile “flattening” … just wanted to ensure we are offering our overseas customers a great customer experience.