Please help me diagnose shot

Can you help me diagnose this shot?

It doesn’t look bad, minimal spritzing, but is it ideal? There is a bit of a swirl at first and biased to the one side, there isn’t a big cone indicating side channeling, but overall despite how mesmerizing it looks is there anything that I can learn from it? I’m very consistently pulling shots that look like this so it’s either a good sign or a good point to make small changes for improvement, at the least.

Thanks in advance!

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may be the coffee is sitll too fresh or the purreuse has getting lower than 9 bars. is your machine a vibe pump ?

It’s rotary, it doesn’t seem to have a problem reaching 9 bar. It is fresh coffee though, a little over 7 days off roast. What in the visual appearance is a sign of that out of curiosity?

after the extraction starts there were like a big ball in the meddle of the basket. this what lead me to ask such a questions. few days ago I had discussion with my friends, they are home baristas with different equipment and one of them showed us a video similar to yours and the majority pointed to these two reasons mentioned earlier. try another coffee to compared.

espresso extraction is kind of wired something. my comment for better extraction is distributed coffee evenly, tamp on leveled basis, make sure you are in the right grind area then just grind finer tell you find the sweetest spot. one more thing I’ll comment on some blends extracted like a poor one, however it tastes good.

In my opinion, the slo-mo makes it very difficult to diagnose. Real-time would be better. Your pour does consolidate to a single stream eventually (and this is normal) but how long does it take in real time? Super-fresh roasted coffee creates a very large (in diameter), foamy stream and the pull tends to run fast in my experience.

Thanks, it pulled in about 23 seconds. It’s usuallt 1-2.5 seconds for the stream to converge into one. It seems to vary based on the fineness of the grinds. If it’s more course I can expect it to almost immediately be one stream, but when it’s more fine it takes more time to get moving through the puck it seems. But obviously too course and it’s pulls fast, like 15 seconds.