Watery espresso

Hey guys,

I’ve checked the water temp, pressure, grind, tried different beans, tried different baskets, tried grinding through mythos and ek, used a naked portafilter to check for any channeling ect and still getting watery, flat espresso.
Yesterday was running fine. Shots still going through in right time. Crema is fast dissipating and light in colour. Shots are under extracted.
What’s going on? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advanced.


How is your water filtration system? How is the roast, is it under/over developed, typical for what you normally have on? Is it a familiar coffee that has been on before and have you experienced this in other coffees recently? When was the last time your machine was services?

Thanks for the reply!

Everything is the same. From one day to the next it just started pulling watery.
Machine has been serviced about 4 months ago.
It’s just strange it happened so suddenly.

what water filtration?

Under Extracted Shots can be caused when the espresso is too coarse. or if you don’t pack enough grinds into the portafilter.

can you tell me what is the pressure? and temp? also while your at it let me know what is the water level of the machine?

Crema problems can be either the roast it self that your using or the machine.

could you tell me how long does it take your machine to brew a single shot? that would help out as well.

I’m asking because I’ve been in the business for a while not on your end but on the espresso machine repair, refurbish, sales, training end. So maybe I could help out.