Cloudy espresso

I’ve recently started getting cloudy espressos. The water going in isn’t cloudy and it doesn’t matter which bean I use.

We are a cafe in North Norfolk, using Compak e8 grinder and San Remo Zoe machine.

Any thoughts?

Hey Alex,

Is it ‘cloudy’ like there’s something in the espresso or is it ‘muddy’ like an espresso (…can you call it that?) from a Moka Pot?

If you can, could you try to pull a couple shots of the same coffee at another shop? Form there, you’d know if it’s a coffee problem or an equipment problem.

Just thinking out loud here really.


It’s muddy. Although I haven’t pulled any shots elsewhere, my roaster assures me that it’s not happening anywhere else. I have also tried three different beans and they are all coming out muddy.

My roaster has spoken to BWT and they suggest draining the boiler of the machine completely to ensure there is nothing in there causing it. This I will try today. Does anyone agree? Any other suggestions?

When were the burrs last replaced on your grinder?

it’s fairly new - only about 4 months old, and they’re redspeed E8 burrs, so should last me about 5 years.