Mahlkonig e80 Supreme Grounds Spraying

Hi! I own/operate a coffee shop in Indianapolis and we bought the new e80 supreme a little over a month ago.

It works really well at giving us a consistent grind really quickly. However, we regularly run into problems where ground start spraying out instead of falling down the chute like they should. When it sprays, these grounds are unusable and pull very quick shots. We actually ran into a several hour span of time on a Saturday last week where we had to tell people that we can only make decaf because it wouldn’t cooperate. Sometimes we can get it to work with us a bit by opening the burrs up, grinding, and fining it back down, but not always and definitely not that day.

We clean the machine every day with Grindz and we also take it apart once a month or so to brush things out but there isn’t really enough buildup that I think could cause this problem. The team is really getting tired of having to deal with this and we’re considering returning the machine.

From what I’ve found, it seems it could be a problem with the flapper (instead of clump crusher) on this model. Anyone know what we can do to fix this?