Mahlkonig e80 Supreme Grounds Spraying

Hi! I own/operate a coffee shop in Indianapolis and we bought the new e80 supreme a little over a month ago.

It works really well at giving us a consistent grind really quickly. However, we regularly run into problems where ground start spraying out instead of falling down the chute like they should. When it sprays, these grounds are unusable and pull very quick shots. We actually ran into a several hour span of time on a Saturday last week where we had to tell people that we can only make decaf because it wouldn’t cooperate. Sometimes we can get it to work with us a bit by opening the burrs up, grinding, and fining it back down, but not always and definitely not that day.

We clean the machine every day with Grindz and we also take it apart once a month or so to brush things out but there isn’t really enough buildup that I think could cause this problem. The team is really getting tired of having to deal with this and we’re considering returning the machine.

From what I’ve found, it seems it could be a problem with the flapper (instead of clump crusher) on this model. Anyone know what we can do to fix this?

Have you found a solution to this? I bought two for my shop and it’s about two months in now and it’s a consistent problem.

Hey Jacob!

Yeah I’m surprised that no one has responded to this, considering it’s an issue with all e80 Supreme grinders and they’re sort of a big deal.

I looked ALL over for a solution to this and after googling everywhere and talking to multiple different techs, I learned from Visions Espresso that Mahlkonig actually came out with a flapper upgrade that functions as sort of a clump crusher that goes between the grinding chamber and the flapper. It’s very easy to install. This is what it looks like.

This has helped tremendously. We no longer have grounds spraying out, but we do run into times where the 20g doesn’t dispense in the 4 seconds that we set it to and if we fill the basket with those grounds, shots pull short. So there’s still some sort of issue in the chamber from time to time, but nothing like what we ran into before.

Not sure the cause of the problem, but this did help. I talked to a solid barista at another shop in town and he said that if they clean the grinding chamber regularly, they don’t run into the issue much, but it didn’t matter how much we cleaned it. It may just be that the volume we do is that much greater than the other shop.

Anyways, between having the new part installed, running grindz through every day after close, and doing a monthly cleaning where we disassemble the grinder a bit and wipe it out, the grinder has been very agreeable.

Would love it if anyone else that has had this issue could speak into things a bit. We highly considered returning the grinder because of this problem and I think it’ll be a huge help to people if there was some more information available.

Also, I guess I wouldn’t be much help if I didn’t tell you where to get this part. It’s not on Visions website and I’ve seen it absolutely nowhere else. You’re going to want to e-mail and ask them for the “MK704024 Flapper Upgrade for the Mahlkonig e80 Supreme” and they’ll get you set up. Let me know how things go for you!