Coffee instantly caking burrs

Hi guys, I have been using the Peak grinder for two years now with no issues, however, over the last week it begins clumping and then suddenly stops grinding.

When I opened it up and look at the burrs they are completely caked with coffee! I cleared out the coffee, cleaned the burrs and recalibrated…within 30minutes same thing happens again!!

I’m sure there is a simple solution seeing as the issue is so pronounced,

Any help would be magic,


Hey have you changed coffee at all to a different blend/origin? Any environmental changes you’ve noticed? I’ve experienced similar issues on lots of other grinders and usually the result is having to clean it thoroughly every night. However what isn’t so common is it happening again after 30 minutes.

I hate to ask the obvious question but have you tried adjusting your grind after you’ve cleaned it to a coarser setting? Then gradually grinding finer until you’re happy with the result?

I agree I imagine that it’s finer than you think it is. I’d try cleaning it again (thoroughly) and start as coarse as possible and slowly dial it in seeing if/when it happens again. I mention this because it happened to me after cleaning my grinder, I literally made coffee butter and locked it up. :slight_smile: Also, I wonder if your burrs are wearing out as well, how much volume are you putting through it on average? I doubt this is the issue but it’s another possibility to consider.