Mythos one grinder stucked/jammed

Hi there, I have been using my this grinder for few years and the grinder would stucked/jammed sometimes but usually it will be a quick fix turning the knob all the way coarser. However, we just bought a new method grinder and after using it for two months now it stucked quite often and have to literally undo the burr for it to work again. And it seems like the something is stuck inside the motor even though when there is no coffee bean, the spinning burr will stop immediately once the motor stop. I have attached a video and if anyone have encounter the similar problem before, help a brother out cheers

Have you taken the rotating burr off for cleaning? A LOT of stuff gets stuck behind there. Might be a build up causing it.

Trying to take your moving burr off to clean behind it is a good idea if you aren’t doing that already. Also, if you have a socket wrench you can take off the plate the burr screws into by loosening the gold nut with the grooves in it.

Honestly it looks like the bearings for the motor have seized up and need lubrication or replacing… You you may need to take the motor itself out which is a ball ache. Take it back to where you bought it from or bring someone in to look at it. I think those are your best options.

Let us know how it goes