Mythos One back burr plate stuck

Hi all,
I’m sorry that my first BH question has to be a call for help, but this is the situation I find myself in.

After reading a lot about whether or not to remove the burrs during cleaning the Mythos, I opted to go with not removing them, but instead following the ‘unscrew the brass bolt and slide off the back burr plate and give it all a good clean’ method. The bolt came off easily when I used a 20mm and 17mm ring spanner, I placed the bolt and washer aside and the plate came out without incident. However, when I put the plate back on, I’m not sure what happened exactly, because now it is stuck completely. The washer and bolt still goes back on and the grinder is functional, however I suspect the burrs are now not radially aligned. I suspect I may have over tightened the boltwhen putting back together and this has somehow wedged the plate down…Is there a way I can unstick the backplate and get it out again to clean it?

Many thanks! :-o

Did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem.

i find if you remove the clump crusher mechanism fully you can usually wedge a flathead just behind the plate and lever it off, it usually gets stuck because the little ridge it slides into has gotten stuck on the part of the plate that isn’t ridged

I find a solution for this, if u still need help tell me