Mahlkonig Peak Problems

I’m wondering if anyone who has a new Peak is having any problems during rush periods. The last few days our Peak, after a period of inactivity, starts to grind a lot courser for no reason. This morning I dialled in and had the coffee run 42g in 29 seconds at a grind size of 6.3, then at lunch time it started running in about 20 seconds (!). The result was super acidic, and I needed to fine the grind all the way down to 5.4 to get it to run normally again. Is anyone else having this problem, and/or, does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do? Thanks guys!

The peak has a built in thermometer on the Burrs, have you noticed a drastic change in temperature of the burrs during peak times as opposed to a slower dial-in time?

Yeah I have actually, even though I have the fans on all day as recommended it seems to still climb to 36/37 degrees celcius

Yeah that’s normal for the burrs to heat up, as the temperature increases a burr will produce LESS fines, which is why you would need to grind finer (this is true for all organic matter, see this article). Anyway it’s not a defect in your grinder you’re good!

If you do encounter any other Peak issues please let me know I’m about to open up with two peaks, would love any info or warnings.

Phew great news! Just an update, the same thing happened again today (had to grind finer and extract a bit more). It’s hard because the burrs heat up as the rush comes so you have to take 5 minutes to recalibrate but hopefully it’ll calm itself down with time

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My issues with the peak aren’t related to overheating, but I believe burrs being misaligned. It’s kinda stressful, but I’m glad I’m working out the kinks before the store opens up! Let me know if anything comes up!

Damn misaligned burrs would be the worst, especially because it’s really hard to get to the peak burrs. What problems did they cause and how did you fix them?

working on fixing it now, but my issues started when the fines began to clump up in the chamber, and then the burrs just stopped grinding as fine. I’m hoping this is user error, as opposed to some manufacturing defect. Our tech is hopefully gonna look into it. I’ll update you as I diagnose the issue. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Im no expert at all, but in my previous experience clumpyness from grinders could also be due to moisture (either water directly or high humidity) in the grinder. I really do hope you find the problem! Thanks for your help and all the best :slight_smile:

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This morning our Mahlkonig Grinder let go. It stopped grinding all together. R.I.P my friend

the peak? damn.

i think i may just go with a k30.

NOOOOOO, damn. I’m hearing more bad news about this grinder every day

Yikes! So sorry to hear that. The grinder can’t be that old, can it?

Hey guys just an update… We switched to the K30 grinder and haven’t had any problems thus far. In defence of the Peak I have some very close barista friends who have one and love it, and it’s true I’ve never seen such even particle size. If anyone has one or is getting one best of luck!

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Hi, it’s been few months a friend and myself bought a peak each and we are both expiriencing the same trouble you had. Did you find a solution for this or your grinder just died like that?