Mahlkonig Peak Dosing Consistency

Hello fellow baristas,

My Mahlkonig Peak is causing headaches and I want to know whether it’s normal! I understand that the internal temperature of the grinder will affect the doage, however - I feel I am contistantly dialling in the machine and never receiving consistant results.

Surely the internal fan should help maintain a constant internal temperature? This morning the temperature reading of the grinder was 25 degrees celcius, and with at a dosage of 18.5g it extracted a great espresso. Then 10 minutes later, all other factors the same with the exception of the temperature which has increased by 4 degrees, the dosage was coming out at 19g! This seems to affect us not only during busy periods but in the initial dialling in process as well. Does anyone have any comments, or tips that could help me? It’s a busy cafe so I don’t really have the time to consistantly change the grind settings.

Thank you

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