My Peak portafilter start/stop button seems to be disactivated. Cannot grind or use it in settings to toggle options

I’ve read through manual and the only thing about this is that my timer is set to 0 or that I’ve peaked my grind cycles. Both aren’t the situation. My grinder is less than a month old.

sorry to hear. try contacting your local Mahlkonig service rep. A couple of months ago, our Peak was grinding sporadically. We would walk by and it would start grinding! Or we would finish dosing and it would start up again! We thought maybe a sensor or something was faulty. Turns out a timing board was bad. And it too was brand new! A couple weeks old. So we sent it to a service rep and Mahlkonig sent us a brand new one. 2 months later, no problems since. Sorry I have no immediate solution.