Mahlkonig Peak intermittent sensor?

Having a bit of trouble after just upgrading to a Peak.

Done less than 1000 doses in 5 days and now the sensor has all but given up?

Works incredibly intermittently and is causing a huge impact in workflow.

Took it apart and cleaned the burrs fully incase that was the issue but that was to no avail.

Anyone with an idea as to why this could have happened?

Does it seem like it stutters while dosing? This sounds like a microswitch issue and apparently is a known issue with the Peak. As much as I love the peak, this has been an issue for us at our shop this past first year. We’ve replaced twice already. Fortunately, our Mahlkonig rep was very responsive and quick to send out a replacement. The other nuance is that to replace the microswitch, the whole motor needs to be pulled out to get to it. Incredibly annoying. Hope that helps! I know you posted 9 days ago, but feel free to ask me anymore questions. I’d be glad to help anyway I can

Was just a full on ‘I give up’ sorta deal. Ended up being the microswitch and it was sorted within a week and have had no problems since. Definitely anticipating the same kind of scenario to pop up at some point but atleast we know how to deal with it!


got it. yeah, no worries. We’ve already gone through 2 microswitches this year, so at least we know now. Anyways, best wishes!