Power 2 group Linea EE with a generator. Emergency

Hello. I have an event and I rented a generator. I did a ton of research to make sure I got a generator with sufficient power.

The Linea is plugged and powered up, but the pump isn’t running. I checked the pump with a circuit tester and it’s getting power from the generator.

When I plug the machine back into the wall, everything runs just fine.

The generator is 240, so there is no concern there.

I also have my Mythos One plugged in and powered up and it’s fine.

Any ideas?

I hope so, as I’m a bit desperate.


Hey did you figure this out? I’d be curious to hear what went wrong? :slight_smile:

Not yet.

I have a call in to La Marzocco and I hope to have an answer by end of day today. I’ll keep you posted.


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Hey Pierre.

I just got off the phone with La Marzocco and it appears that I had wired my extension wrong.

The generator end has 4 prongs. I wired 1 hot, 1 ground and 1 neutral. They said I need 2 hot and a ground and to just let the neutral hang free.

I will rent a generator and test and let you know.


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Awesome man, glad you got it sorted!

Success! I rewired and the machine ran all day on the generator.


Looks like you learned the hard way. Electricity is nothing to play with. Depending on how you had miswired it, things could have gone rather badly. There is a place for the expensive pros, but there is also a place for doing things on your own. That only works when you learn what is going on.

A HUGE hat’s off to Marzocco for walkingyou through it, though. Not sure other vendors would have been so gracious. Bet advice… anyone wanting to wing it with electricity, get a simple book about AC wiring. Home Depot sell a basic how to book, which goes into things like different voltage amperage, plugs and sockets, wire colours, etc. That’s a bargain to have all that in your hand when winging it.

Glad all turned out well, nothing blew up, smoked, burned down, or fried… and you git it handled in time. Nice work being persistent and resourceful.