Probat sample roaster upgrade, or Ikawa?

Hey everyone,

We are currently thinking of upgrading our sample roaster and getting an Ikawa. However, before we do that we want to give our reliable Probat sample roaster which we have being using for years a chance to improve. We currently ignore the temp gauge on the top of the roaster while roasting and stick a thermometer in the front of the drum. We use the thermapen to get to the charge temp we decide on, then we remove the thermapen. We just have a generic profile for all our green samples. In a nutshell FC is around 8 min then when we hear it lower the gas and wait for 20% dev time.

We were thinking of getting a thermometer soldered on or something to that effect. Not sure what other options we have with regards improving the Probat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Darren

I would recommend giving your Probat to me and getting an IKAWA.
If not, then you can drill and tap a thermocouple into the face of the Probat sample roaster. I can’t speak for the accuracy that you will get, but at least you can have a more repeatable set of data to use.
Otherwise, I know there are a lot of roasters using the IKAWA and loving it. And I have heard very good things about the 500g North Roaster from Mill City Roasters as a sample roaster.

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