Robur E jams up doses down and real fine

Replaced an older (3yr old) Mazzer Robur E with a new one recently only to find the same problem exists. Everything might be grinding fine +- 1g then all of a sudden the hopper pops up (it’s screwed down at the back but the front pops up for a split second) and the grinder makes a different sound like a struggling sound, the dose will be about 5-6g below the normal weight and super fine. Only way to fix the problem is to completely purge the chamber and then dose about 4-5 shots until the grind is dialed back in. There are some warning signs before this happens like the grinder will under dose a bit at a time (over the space of a morning requiring extra time added to dose same weight). Very annoying and wondering if it’s the oils in the blend? When I dismantle the grinder at day’s end there is oil caked on to the rotating doser arms. Have do scrub it off. Please help if you have any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks

Hey Anthony,

This is a regular occurring unfortunately with a Mazzer grinder. It came up a while ago in the FB group, with some good tips and explanations there too:

Is this link still live? I can’t seem to access it as I am having similar problems with my robur?

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You can do that here:

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