Sage Oracle Touch - frothing only works for first jug/drink

Hi all,

I’ve searched for something similar, however anything relating to frothing tends to imply it doesn’t work at all. That’s not the case here - the first drink always comes out perfect.

When it’s time to make the second, the milk doesn’t froth properly anymore. Steam still comes out of the wand, however it already sounds different (thinner and higher pitched) than with the first cup. The milk gets warm, but there is almost no texture. This has always been the case since new, but I figure that can’t be right - this machine should be capable of making two or more (milk) drinks consecutively…!

I can’t find a fix, other than leaving the machine (turned off) for a couple of hours before making a milk drink again.

Does anybody have any idea what this could be?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Good post.I do agree with you here.