Slayer single group

Have read the blogs on Dose, yield, time…i get it. BUT with the slayers pre-brew how do you employ the 22-35second timings ? Both pre and brew added ? Pre brew adds extra complexity so i am struggling with my 18g, 1.875 or X2 yield then timings to get a sweet shot. Any assistance with this setup appreciated

Hi Mike!

I recently started working at a shop that uses Slayer machines. We let 2-3g drop into the shot glass during the pre-brew before we start our timer and engage the pump fully. Waiting to start the timer until we are ready to fully engage the pump seems to help reduce the effect of human error on the shot(different baristas, inconsistent pressure, etc.) and make the shots more consistent.

For example, here is our current recipe for one of our signature blends:

  • 18g dose
  • 2g pre-brew
  • 38g out
  • 24-26 seconds

This is just our our recipe and it probably won’t work for your coffee, but I hope it helps you figure out how get the best shot of your Slayer!